Cape Cod Hunter At Saddle Rowe 03/24/12

Very nice day at Saddle Rowe equestrian center on Saturday. A few photos to the right under the flickr tab. complete image galleries of Rider #s101 – 129 are on my website: Being overall a bright day, the lighting help to acquire decent exposures even at an ISO of 3200! Shutter speeds were 1/320 … Continue reading

Wesds. – Feb 16th

Late last night I finished going through the photos from the Claddaugh Farm show. Quite a bunch, but some very nice images from that show.Heres is the link to the gallery:

Nov. 11th – Veteran’s Day in the US

Iwas a kid of the Vietnam generation. Joined a RI Nat’l Guard Special Forces unit. Got paid to jump out of airplanes and helicopters! also, later was a medic with a helicopter grouup based at Quonset Pt.. My father was in WWII with an engineer unit. One of his groups jobs was to make dummy/replica … Continue reading

October 18th

I need to get out and ride my mtn bike!!! Sunday, I photographed a Hunter Pace ride In the Upton State Forest, sponsored/run by the BVDCTA horse association in central Massachusetts. They ride on trails through the woods and jump over obstacles placed by nature, or by the friendly folks of the BVDCTA! Anyways, trail … Continue reading