Tuesday, Jan.20th

Uploaded the Freshmen Attleboro boys game against Franklin HS this evening.  The JV and Varsity gamesare already uploaded . All my profits from sales on these games with Franklin will be donated to Hatian relief efforts. Place your order today!

Tomorrow night Ice hockey at Alexio arena in Taunton. AHS Vs Bridgewater-Rayhnam, 7PM. Shot through the glass last time but will try above the glass and through the white netting they have above the glass now. Sometime a problem because the camera focuses on the netting and not the player beyond!  May be some  whispering of ‘foul language’ from my lips!

Bought a new monopod last wk, Manfrotto aluminum – can’t afford the carbon fibre models. My old one lost it’s lower leg section while I was shooting a bicycle race last summer.  Always use it with my 300mm lens and sometimes with the 70-200.

Next on the buyl ist…? Maybe some ‘studio’ lights. I want to do some more portrait, sportrait ( portraits of athletes), pet portraits, and still shots for Ebay & catalogue/web  uses.

If anyone would like photos taken of a specific player, ie. their son or daughter,  during a game, please send me an email. Cost is $75.00 plus cost of any prints ordered. A CD of all images, edited for printing,  would be $125.00 total.

Anyone want to have an individual or small group photography workshop. what I have in mind is a ‘how do I use this digital camera’ type of session. Or a step above that – how do I use these other buttons?   A half day, Saturday or Sunday session, would be $15.00 per person.  A 2 session – 2 half days – would be $25.00 per person. A ‘small group’ would be 2-6 people.

Keep shootin’

Steve Hopkins



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